Favourite Cozy Mystery Authors a List

Well of course, you should know by now, that I’m a passionate reader of Agatha Christie. And if you are interested in my (very personal) Agatha Christie mysteries list you can head to this article:

Favourite Agatha Christie Mysteries: a personal list


But today I’m going to share with you some of my other favourite Cozy Mystery authors.


MC Beaton

It’s a shame, but I’ve only recently discovered MC Beaton and her Agatha Raisin. Agatha is stubborn, newly rich, and straight from the lower classes. She’s single, but not for lack of trying; she’s selfish and self-centered, outspoken, and extremely touchy. Brief, she’s adorable! And of course she’s a super sleuth, too, mainly thanks to her being rather nosey. I love the audiobooks that are available, thanks to the narrator, Penelope Keith, whose voice perfectly matches the character.

Being a lover of all things Scottish, I also adored the Hamish MacBeth series. Hamish is a Highlander policeman, an unambitious man who, in order to stay in the place he loves so much, is ready to attribute the solution of each case to his colleagues. He solves quite a few cases with the help of his clumsy sidekick Charlie. Again, the excellent narrator, Graeme Malcolm, with the nicest Scottish accent ever, will make you love the audiobooks, too.


Ellery Adams

When I discovered Ellery Adams I loved her style. She has a lighthearted way of dealing with big problems that ordinary people might encounter. Her character Nora Pennington is a fire victim who’s able to advise on the best book to heal wounds of the soul in Book and Scone Society And lovely James Henry and his fab Supper Club for Dieters is trying to lose weight between one murder and another in Carbs & Cadavers (Supper Club Mysteries). I’m committed to read all the Ellery Adams books.


TE Kinsey

TE Kinsey and his Lady Hardcastle Mystery series is pure gold. It’s a historical cosy mystery series set in the British countryside in 1908. After a rather adventurous life spent in Asia, then in hectic London, Lady Hardcastle retires to the countryside in search of peace and quiet. Her faithful servant Florence accompanies her, and their relationship and sharp dialogue would be more than enough to keep the book going, but the two are both nosey and smart and end up in the middle of mysterious deaths…


Sara Rosett

Sara Rosett’s delicious Murder on Location series combines my love for everything Jane Austen with a passion for exploring the UK, the thrill of a troupe of movie scouts searching for the perfect location and, of course, a jolly good mystery.


Bobbie Holmes

Bobbie Holmes is a little distant from my usual reading list, which does not include paranormal mysteries—though I remember as a kid having been thrilled by the black-and-white movie The Ghost and Mrs Muir. I started listening to one of Bobbie Holmes’s audiobook The Ghost Who Came for Christmas and got hooked. I simply love her storytelling style; the whole Haunting Danielle series is terrific.


Elizabeth Spann Craig

When I’m craving for more Miss Marple, Elizabeth Spann Craig, comes to the rescue with her octogenarian Myrtle Clover. She’s a laugh! I do love her village, her temper, the tough discussions with her son – the local police chief who threatens to send her to the Green Pastures House for elderly people if she doesn’t calm down. But Myrtle and her sidekick and equally sleepless friend Miles are a great couple for solving the most intriguing mysteries.


Kassandra Lamb

I left my heart in the Kassandra Lamb series Marcia Banks and Buddy Mystery. There’s so much in those pages: the special relationship between a dog trainer and her service dogs when helping combat veterans return to their former lives, the ups and downs of a woman’s life, intriguing mysteries, and Buddy, a very special Labrador who is also Marcia’s first trainee.


Ellen Jacobson

I love when my cosies bring me to places/settings I’m not familiar with like life on a boat in a marina. Thus, I’ve read with eagerness the Molly McGhie Cozy Sailing Mystery by Ellen Jacobson. Mollie McGhie is a sport; she craves chocolate and is certainly not in love with boats. With this premise, imagine when I read the Murder at the Marina blurb: “Mollie McGhie is hoping for diamonds for her tenth wedding anniversary. Instead, her clueless hubby presents her with a rundown boat. She’s not impressed.” I bought my copy immediately and loved it!


Debbie Young

If you’re in love with everything English, and in particular with the Cotswolds area, then you’ll find the Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries series to be wonderful. I fell under the spell just reading the village name: Wendlebury Barrow. There’s plenty of wit, community life, a romantic thread, an intriguing mystery, and you’ll unveil most of the murderers between a laugh and chuckle! Be warned.


Dianne Hartman

I reckon interesting places are always a special reason for me to start reading. A Northwest Cosy Mystery Series had an easy time winning my attention because of the beautiful covers featuring the fairytale landscape of the Seattle area. Give me a combination of seawater and mountains and you’ll win my heart. Dee Dee moves to Bainbridge Island following a divorce, and there’s something special about writing the first page of one’s new life in a new place. But if you’re catering for an art gallery event and one of the artists falls dead, possibly because of food poisoning, well maybe that first page is not as smooth sailing it seemed to be…


Now it’s your turn. Who are your favourite cosy mystery authors?

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