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"Murder on the Road is a charming cozy mystery involving a quaint Italian village, gossip galore, delectable Italian delicacies, pleasing perfumes, surprising secrets and a travel writer turned sleuth. Adriana Licio's descriptions swept me to sunny Italy."

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And Then There Were Bones 

This book is the prequel to the series “An Italian Village Mystery” and it’s exclusive to the subscribers to the Maratea Murder Club.

A Murder Mystery along the lines of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

When feisty travel writer, Giò Brando, receives an invitation to join her long-time friend on an island in Calabria for a Murder Mystery weekend, she is excited by the prospect.

To run away from the grey London weather for a while; to escape her stubborn fiancé (…)

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Adriana Licio 

Adriana Licio spent 6 years of her life in beloved Scotland, and never recovered.

She lives in Southern Italy, and whenever she can she rushes to Maratea, the sea-town where her first cozy mystery series is set…

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Cozy Mysteries with an Italian Flair

I live in Basilicata, a small region in Southern Italy. As a child we used to go to Maratea, a quaint seatown immersed in a dramatic landscape.

My readings under the sun were mostly Agatha Christie mysteries.

No wonder that when I decided to write my cozy mystery series, my story would start along this very road, where I drove countless times, without ever taking for granted the marvel of it all…

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