And Then There Were Bones 

This book is the prequel to the series “An Italian Village Mystery” and it’s exclusive to the subscribers to the Maratea Murder Club Newsletter.

A Murder Mystery along the lines of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

When feisty travel writer, Giò Brando, receives an invitation to join her long-time friend on an island in Calabria for a Murder Mystery weekend, she is excited by the prospect.

To run away from the grey London weather for a while; to escape her stubborn fiancé – and even better, her mother-in-law-to-be – meet her family in her Italian hometown by the sea, and enjoy the Murder weekend with some celebrity guests sounds too good to be true.

In fact, some of the guests are just as temperamental as you would expect from celebs. But when one mysteriously disappears, and strange things befall…

Gosh, what’s happening?

Is a madman trying to repeat the Ten Little Indians Saga or there’s a method to this madness?

As the storm ravages the island, cutting it off from the mainland,
Giò has very little time to find out what is going on and save herself as well as the surviving guests from certain death.


“I kept thinking I knew who the “villain” was but was consistently wrong… Making this a perfect mystery in my opinion! I’m looking forward to more from this author.”

Alice H

Goodreads Reader

“A great read that kept me thinking about the characters’ motives and wanting to book an Italian holiday. A nice twist on Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. Looking forward to the next release by Adriana Licio!”


Goodreads Reader

“I was kept guessing until the very end! A pure delight!”


Goodreads Reader